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Email Deliverability — Why Leave it to the Experts?

The world has gone digital, and that includes all things marketing. You’re likely receiving far more cold emails than you are calls from salesmen. It’s not as simple as pressing send, however, and that’s where email deliverability comes into play.

What Is Email Deliverability?

Email deliverability measures how successful your messages are at landing in your recipient’s inbox. Why does this matter? If your perfectly-crafted scripts end up in the spam folder or don’t get delivered at all, they’re not giving you the chance to make a sale.

Your inbox placement rate can show you the percentage of emails sent that land in inboxes. Most professionals recommend a placement rate of 95% to be successful.

Why Experience is Important in Email Deliverability

Unfortunately, landing in email inboxes isn’t as easy as it seems — and that 95% mark can feel downright impossible at times. You need a few things to make sure the process works in your favor:

  • A warmed-up domain name with a good reputation

  • Well-written subject lines and email content

  • Lack of spam words in your copy

Domain reputation is where the extensive experience requirement comes into play. Every message that is sent can affect this score by leading to:

  • Complaints

  • Bounces

  • Unsubscribe rates

  • Other negative interactions

And once the domain reputation lowers, it can be difficult to get back up. This makes cold emailing sound a little bit scary (and it can be), but an experienced team can make it easier.

Experience brings about the ability to warm up email inboxes, to send messages in a timely, slowly-building fashion, to spot spam words and content challenges, and more.

The Consistent Risk of Cold Emails

Even with a great team, it’s important to note that cold emailing can still lead to lower domain reputations. This is why it’s recommended to use a secondary domain — if the worst occurs, you won’t ruin your main method of communication.

At Cascade Communications, we have a team that is well versed in all aspects of cold outreach. Our in-house email deliverability expert, Anthony, is ready to catch issues on the spot and plan to avoid them from ever coming up in the first place.

We know that reputation challenges can pop up, but we don’t accept them as inevitable. We use the highest-performing platforms, warm domains well, send campaigns in a meticulous pattern, examine data sets, test new content, readjust at every new statistic, and so much more.

If you’re ready to try cold email outreach with a team that can take —most— of the fears away, reach out to Cascade Communications today. We’d be thrilled to take this challenge off your plate.

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