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Clarity, Balance, and Beauty with Malcolm Lee

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

How do we create a vision that’s not only compelling in the short term but compelling in the long term?

While most families sit around the dinner table and discuss school and work, these were the kinds of questions Malcolm Lee was asked by his parents while he was growing up. In his household, entrepreneurship was a religion and his parents set the standard as devout followers. As the owner of Wilson Lee Interiors and Boutique, Malcolm watched his mother apply her standards of clarity, balance, and beauty to the building of a successful business and knew that in some way, he wanted to do the same.

An Inspired Pivot

Malcolm began his college career as a medical student but discovered that wasn’t exactly the path he wanted to carve out for himself. Like all innate entrepreneurs, he had an idea. So he went to the most influential entrepreneurs he knew for guidance: his parents. They asked him questions that helped shape both his educational and business decisions. How will people benefit from this idea? Is it scalable? Can technology be incorporated? Lastly, how can you be a part of it, without being drained in the process? Those questions guided Malcolm to graduate from George Mason University with a degree in Neuroscience in 2017, a master’s degree in Cognitive Science from Virginia University, and to become the founder and CEO of Gabb Global today.

Doing Better Is The Next Status Quo

Since 2017, Malcolm has been breaking the barriers in language learning through virtual reality, technology, and games using the platform Gabb Global designed for ESL students and passionate language learners. Buoyed by data, a passion for the progression of education, and a background in neuroscience, Malcolm shaped Gabb Global to utilize VR in a way that is both relatable and personal to the learner, accelerating the learning process. In fact, Gabb Global has been able to triple what learners are able to learn with VR over traditional learning methods. The discovery has been simply this: Creating your own learning experience is exponentially more powerful than any other learning method. Gabb Global has become THE VR language learning platform by presenting real-world problem solving, making learning more relevant and engaging. Doing better is the next status quo.

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