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The New Era of Leadership | Breaking The Grade with Dr. Quintin Shepherd

In the era of advanced technology and rapid change, what is the role of the leaders in the education space in responding to the challenges it entails?

The Breaking the Grade crew had the opportunity to have a conversation with Dr. Quintin Shepherd to talk leadership as a superintendent, and his new book “The Secret to Transformational Leadership.”

About Dr. Shepherd

Dr. Quintin Shepherd has almost 19 years of experience as a Superintendent in three different states - Illinois, Iowa, and Texas. Currently, he is the Superintendent at Victoria Independent School District in Victoria, Texas. That school district has 14,000 students and is 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. On top of this, he is also a full-time professor at the University of Houston - Victoria.

Compassionate Leadership in Practice

Dr. Shepherd has been working on his book about leadership on and off for the past decade. Not surprisingly, what really ignited him to publish the book was the challenges and changes that he observed since the pandemic.

In the book, he breaks down the two kinds of problems that leaders deal with - complicated and complex and how these problems should be dealt with. Also, the importance of showing compassion and empathy in transformational leadership and overcoming the traps of transactional relationships.

It is clear through the book and our interview, Dr. Shepherd has a well-thought-out method for transforming the way that school districts and the public space as a whole should be led. Be sure to listen and read the book for his inspiring stories about collaboration and cooperation within the community.

Key Takeway from the Book

Expressing vulnerability and giving space to the most impacted stakeholders in a school district results in plans that do not alienate but benefit the whole community.

You can find the whole conversation here:

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