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Introducing Breaking the Grade — A Podcast for Innovative Education Entrepreneurs

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

With the launch of Cascade Communications came an opportunity to help others that couldn’t be passed up — a podcast called Breaking the Grade. We’ll follow the format current show, How I Broke That, in discovering how breakage often leads to better opportunities in the business space. This time around, we’ll zero in on education as we know it. We’ll hear how education entrepreneurs are breaking norms, transforming lessons, introducing new ideas, and completely shattering and reshaping the future of the global education space.

Meet Our Hosts

Josh Chernikoff’s role in the education industry began with founding, running, and eventually selling a school-aged tutoring company. He then moved into the enrichment space, building a second business for kids and gaining inside experience with principals and PTAs along the way. He sold said company in 2021 and began to support other education entrepreneurs on their paths to success through thought leadership, business coaching, and lead generation — a dream that’s turned into his favorite venture so far.

Josh is a firm believer that improvement doesn’t stem from monotony. If we’re going to create learning opportunities that move students forward, we need to break the grade. He’s

honored to lift the voices of his fellow education entrepreneurs up as they work to do the same.

John Gamba is a serial entrepreneur, Director of Innovative Programs, and Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. His first big break came when he co-founded the first school-to-home communications software that allowed administrators to record and send personalized voice messages to parents at a moment’s notice. The company was eventually sold to Blackboard and now generates over one hundred million dollars in profitable revenue. After this exit, Gamba served as a Founding Director of The Gamba Family Foundation, which works every day to close the achievement gap in our country’s inner-city schools.

What to Expect from Upcoming Episodes

Our first episode will bring our audience along as we explore the future of Breaking the Grade. We’ll focus in on John Gamba’s experiences in education and entrepreneurship and hear the advice he has to give others in his shoes.

In the future, we’ll be inviting owners of education businesses across the country who work every day to make learning easier and more effective for kids. We’re excited to spread the work and words of these incredible individuals — will you listen along and subscribe to join us every step of the way?

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