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Breaking the Silence: Inequity in Education with Alexa Escobedo

“You can’t keep saying ‘do it for the kids’ when our mental, emotional, and physical health are paying the price.”

As a former classroom teacher, Alexa Escobedo brings an insider voice — sharing the things that students and teachers need most. The pandemic and subsequent worldwide events reshaped her vision. Teaching was hard. She had to protect her own family. And she wanted to impact underserved students at a greater scale.

About Alexa Escobedo

Alexa Escobedo spent 10 years as an elementary teacher, but found herself working in areas that didn’t prioritize equality in schools. She’d cover topics in current events that she knew were being ignored at home — especially as 2020 and 2021 came around.

Alexa knew her reach could expand far past her class of 35, and the pandemic and subsequent social events brought solidity to her decision to step away from teaching. She moved into a marketing role with the Institute for Education Innovation to spread the word across the country.

Today, Alexa is taking on a new role with the Center for Transformative Teacher Training where she will continue to make a widespread impact on equality in our schools.

Alexa’s Advice for Educators and Entrepreneurs

Alexa stressed the fact that students and teachers alike need support. She shares advice on supporting all students, sharing truth about world events in a neutral fashion, why “learning loss” shouldn’t always be the main focus of student support, and more.

Hear her story and education advice in our full episode below:

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