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Breaking and Rebuilding American Education with Kevin Chavous

“The challenges we faced were more of a mindset, and the tendency to categorically write kids off prematurely, and that’s why this idea of building a culture that is completely embracing of every child’s potential Is where I landed.”

Are you ready to dive headfirst into education activism? Our latest Breaking the Grade guest, Kevin Chavous, has been impacting DC education for decades through a career in a law firm, as a council chairman, and several professional roles. Learn more about his background and industry impact below.

About Kevin Chavous

Kevin Chavous started his career with an undergraduate degree from Wabash College and a law degree from Howard University School of Law. His collegiate accomplishments included being named NCAA District All American for Basketball and President of his class in law school.

Chavous spent years working for the largest law firm in the United States and published six books — three education nonfictions and a series of political thrillers.

And the experience we’re here to cover today — Chavous’ education background. He has spent his entire career increasing the quality of nearby schools. He has served as Education Committee Chair for the Council of the District of Columbia, founder of Democrats for Education Reform, owner of The Chavous Group, and current President of Stride, Inc.

Some of Chavous’ most notable education achievements include being inducted into the Washington DC Hall of Fame and playing a key role in charter school transformation across the country.

Kevin’s Big Breaks

On air, Kevin Chavous shared a few big breaks with us. One of the most intriguing was the time he lost the DC Mayor Race. The experience opened his eyes to his true passions and experiences he never thought possible — expanding charter schools, improving equity in education, and more.

His biggest piece of advice for education entrepreneurs? Leave students’ handprints on everything you do. Do your best to avoid saying “we’ve always done it this way” and design your products to fit the needs of learners today.

Other topics Kevin covers in our show include:

  • Advice for offering effective online education

  • Insight on the future of educators in our country

  • Creative ideas to support learners in underserved communities

Hear more about Kevin Chavous’ breaks, his expert advice, and his education experience in our full episode:

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